Website Design


It is important to Peak Promotions to provide a comprehensive and robust design solution to the ever changing digital mobile world. As such, we are delighted to operate exclusively under the complete Divi Design & Build Software Package, delivering a bespoke and responsive WordPress design service as standard to all.


We get you involved.

Our Derbyshire based web designer with years of commercial experience in delivering projects on time and to budget, follows a standard process from start to finish for all clients.

The end result is a unique website design tailored to your specific requirements.


We listen to what you want, what your dream goal is and how you think your new website will support that vision. Factors such as the organisation’s brand and target audience play a key part in developing the overall visual style of the website design.


We then research your competition and identify key requirements to be the best in your sector always exchanging ideas until we arrive at an agreed underastanding for your websites feel and direction.

* We now present your detailed report and our quote for your consideration.

If you agree to proceed, 50% of the project cost is to be paid so we can start the build.


We gather as much content information about you and your business as possible and arrange into a newly laid out page mapping structure that identifies areas that require content creation as well as heirarchy for URL creation. This is the skeleton of your website.


At the point of designing a particular page, we invite you to discuss the pros and cons of the design. We will offer you options to choose from and talk you through the reasoning of some technical or UX decisions. You ultimately are in charge of your Brand and as such we offer you a behind the scenes look into the workings of your website design. Have a hands on approach as to the feel of your website and guide us through what you like and dont like. The end reasult will ultimately therefore be something you love.


We populate the site with all approved content and the agreed website functionality is developed.


The website undergoes a full system check and client experience testing procedure, ensuring optimal performance accross the entire platform.

The final 50% of the project cost is to be paid in full.


Creative software for your business needs


The most powerful design tool for WordPress.


Customize and control the finest of details.


Promote with lead generation and social integration.

Sell online with tailored WooCommerce integration.

Beautifully showcase your work to the world.

Engage your audience with unique company articles.


The most powerful design tool for WordPress.


Customize and control the finest of details.


Promote with lead generation and social integration.

Sell online with tailored WooCommerce integration.

Beautifully showcase your work to the world.

Engage your audience with unique company articles.


Should you become a client of Peak Promotions, we promise to never design a website for your competitor who shares the same client base. Your business shall own design, management and marketing exclusivity over its sector.

Why would we do this? As we look to actively engage with our clients and support their business growth efforts, it would be a serious conflict of interest for us to offer the same advice and service to two competing businesses.

Website design exclusivity for your sector.

We’re Dedicated to Divi Design.

Peak Promotions operate exclusively under the Divi design framework, providing our clients with a responsive and custom build every time that is supported by an expert team of Divi dedicated developers to future proof your business.

Complete Design Control

Our complete design framework and transparent consultation process allows our clients to design and customize every part of their WordPress website from the ground up (should they wish). Our clients, with Peak Promotions design expertise, can control everything down to the finest detail.

Optimize & Convert

Our custom software is not only complimented with powerful design tools but helps you make your website a success. Build your marketing lists effortlessly with Blooms pop-ups integration and professionally promote your website throughout social media with Monarch social sharing.

Responsive Editing

Peak Promotions takes mobile responsive design a step further by giving you complete control over every setting on each mobile device. This allows you to perfectly tailor the appearance of each element across computers, tablets and smart phones.

Get Mobile Friendly NOW!

Did you know that 52% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices and this figure will only rise over the next decade.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure that your website is suitable for mobile and tablet devices while also reactive to the changing needs of the consumer.


We have built a catalogue of effective software tools that benefit a modern day website design. We are delighted to pass these benefits onto our clients as standard integrations that include: 


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Google Map

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Fraud detection service that stops bots and automated attacks while approving valid users. LEARN MORE

Peak Promotions work exclusively with:

“The Most Popular WordPress Theme in the World + The Ultimate WordPress Page Builder.”


Custom Development

In addition to the many software plugins that are available to Peak Promotions as an exclusive Divi website designer, it is also important to note that our page building software is integrated with Custom CSS Control. In short, this allows our in house WordPress Dedicated Developers to easily combine our visual design capabilities and controls with custom code.

Do you have a new project idea that required bespoke development, or perhaps you simply want to know if an idea can be programmed in the digital word? Make it a reality!

Bespoke Software and Apps can help you save time, effort and money by creating efficiencies within your business.

Do you require further Engineered Support such as→

  • GEO Location software
  • Custom APP Development
  • Dashboard visualisation of all data
  • Linking new software to existing daily programmes eg. accounting/stock/database
  • Cataloguing a database to be readily available to all users in the field eg. house prices/rental market/sensitive info

Our honed experience working with evolving design software, matched with the extra digital services that we provide in house, allows Peak Promotions to deliver a fully considered and managed solution to our client’s website design and digital foundation requirements.

Speak to a website design expert today for a free no obligation consultation.